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Everybody nowadays has heard about the crypto-currency, Bitcoin. Compared to the traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin is not controlled by a central bank or any regulatory authority, therefore, it is not vulnerable to government seizures. The virtual currency also allows users to stay anonymous and it is a cost effective way to make money transactions from all parts of the globe. See our Bitcoin Guide for more information about how bitcoin works.

The convenience of the Bitcoin currency is one of the biggest reasons why it has been adopted by many online gambling operators like online sportsbooks, online casinos and online poker sites. There are a lot of Bitcoin gambling sites on the Internet which are multi-million dollar companies and continue to grow at fast pace. betting with bitcoins, or playing casino games at an online bitcoin casino is safe and secure with near instant deposits and withdrawals.

In the online sports betting market, Bitcoin has grown significantly since its introduction a couple of years ago. The Bitcoin currency is becoming popular than ever and more and more people are heading to online Bitcoin gambling sites. Sports betting also shows no signs of slowing down and since the introduction of Internet, it has grown at a record pace.

Nowadays there are many online Bitcoin sportsbooks and they are exploding across the gambling landscape. Perhaps in a few years they could change the way online betting fans bet on the Internet.

Bitcoin sportsbooks offer a number of distinct advantages over the other currency based competitors and they are going to be listed in this article. In addition, read on the learn more about Bitcoin and what to look for at Bitcoin sportsbooks.

How Does Bitcoin Relate to Sportsbooks?

Bitcoin operates as a decentralized form of currency and it can be used to buy clothes, pay an employee and as a currency for online sports betting sites. To enable transactions to take place, people create encryption codes to which Bitcoins are sent or received. This is how Bitcoin relates to online sportsbooks. It allows Bitcoin bettors to make Bitcoin deposits in fast and easy manner so they can use them to bet at different sports events.

How to Acquire Bitcoin and Deposit at Sportsbooks?

As a digital currency, Bitcoin uses an advanced peer-to-peer technology to send and receive cash. To start betting at Bitcoin sportsbooks you need to have a Bitcoin account. In other words, you need to set up a free Bitcoin wallet account.

Afterwards, you need to buy Bitcoins from independent market exchangers. Deposit cash and your Bitcoins will be posted to your account in no time. Then sign up with a Bitcoin sportsbook and send Bitcoins to your online sportsbook account.

What to Look for in a Bitcoin Sportsbook

Since there are many Bitcoin sportsbooks on the Internet, if you want to sign up with one of them have in mind the following factors:

  • Reputable operators
  • Higher odds the better
  • Bonuses
  • Top notch security

Reputable Operators

Read online reviews and visit forums to find out more about the Bitcoin sportsbook you want to register with. Make sure the sportsbook is owned and operated by reputable and experienced operators.

Higher Odds the Better

Not only it should offer a wide variety of sports to bet on, but the Bitcoin sportsbook should also offer higher odds. It is also advisable to compare the betting odds with other sportsbooks.


Not all Bitcoin sportsbooks offer bonuses, but if you want to boost your bankroll, create an account with a sportsbook that offers a welcome bonus or referral program as well as bonuses for regular betting.

Top Notch Security

Depositing Bitcoins is anonymous and safe, but sportsbooks should also use security measures to protect its players and their money. Using SSL encryption is excellent security measure. Some sports betting sites also store bitcoins in cold wallets offline in order to keep them away from possible online threats.

The Pros of Bitcoin in Online Sports Betting

The following are some of the advantages of betting at online Bitcoin sportsbooks:

  • Transferring money at Bitcoin sportsbooks works better than current models. Bitcoin sportsbooks allow instant deposits and withdrawals so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to receive a deposit or cash out.
  • Customer anonymity. Bettors don’t have to provide any personal or banking/ financial details to sign up with Bitcoin sportsbooks and transfer money. Most reputable Bitcoin sportsbooks require just an email address and a Bitcoin address to deposit and cash out money.
  • US bettors can also bet at Bitcoin sportsbooks. Since depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin is completely anonymous, online bettors from US can also bet at Bitcoin sportsbooks.


Betting online with Bitcoins at sportsbooks is easy, simple, fast and quite efficient. Setting up an online sportsbook account and transferring money is anonymous which is also a big advantage. However, make sure you register with a reputable and trustworthy online Bitcoin sportsbook so you can have more fun betting online.